Statement Clothes

Statement clothes the babywear range falls into the category of couture clothing. We are an eCommerce online shopping destination to a wonderful world of innovative and creative styling with a twist of hope.

As the first business to be launched through KBE we are so excited to see this company expand and grow.

The inspiration behind this business is derived from the sacred texts, “Rachum love” and “Agape love” words which both describe a greater love inspired by and from the very womb of God that seeks to give and serve.

We have introduced a new line inspired by “Health” we paid special attention to directing our thoughts towards healing during the design process, targeting primarily, children suffering from leukemia and cancer. The aim is to bring “love” to a loved starved world through this new line and clothing brand.

How do we do this?

Psychologically positive words generate positive thoughts, when the two go together we begin to step into a whole new realm of brain and body cognitive functioning. Automatically feel-good chemicals are released into our bodies that tend to make us feel peaceful to prepare and align our bodies and promote natural healing.

By creating pictures, words, colors, and symbols all related to healing, and placing love and protection at the forefront of our minds during the design process, by collaborating our ideas we brought into existence something new and fresh.

For our fabric, we chose to use the finest natural fibers, sourced globally. Organic Pima cotton and baby alpaca wool are both natural fibers that we use for our baby designs to ensure natural ventilation for baby’s skin and make it not only comfortable to wear but additionally a more sustainable choice.

Statement clothes the brand will eventually become global, expanding to adult wear and homeware. We aim to provide employment by the creation of jobs in the area of manufacturing our garments here in Britain. Over the years these jobs have been on the decline because of the demand for lower production prices.

Unfortunately, this has pushed businesses to use companies abroad.

We want to bring changes in this area to revamp the perception of our people by reminding them we too can produce beautiful clothes here in Britain keeping production prices low.

Part of our vision is expansion, growth, flexibility, adaptation, innovation, increased sustainability and change. Eventually expanding into physical stores in Paris, Denmark, New York, and Turkey.’

A percentage of our profits are donated to Great Ormand street hospital London England and also families with children who are affected by this illness.

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