Regeneration Project

Regeneration Project:
Is another subsidiary of Kingdom B.E. KBE. We aim to achieve first-class and professional representation in the entertainment industry, in the areas of music, singing, dance, theatre, costume, and the arts. New frontiers will be established as a result of this position and support for the restructuring and reform of those industries. The phenomenal difference and impact that society will experience will be the result of the strategic introduction of moral reshaping and advocating for justice in areas such as racial, and disability gaps, yielding the scope of inclusion and eliminating discrimination in these sectors via our regeneration programs. We host weekly workshops and classes in music, art, dance, singing, and drama.
“All Stars Shine”
We are raising money to build the new theatre school that adapts structurally to children with disability needs, giving them easy access in and out, and whilst using facilities inside the premises. We want to create a space for them to be able to explore and utilise their creative talents in a safe and fun environment.    

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