360 Beauty

Another subsidiary of Kingdom B.E. KBE. The spiritual fortification of our clients is pivotal to our mission, the prevalent belief that beauty is skin deep has led to our strategic re-education, realignment, and redefinition of real beauty which emanates from within.

Wholeness, inner peace, and joy motivated by the expression of the source of God’s pure agape love are some of our central and prolific teachings. Leading to the revival of soul and body, purporting a deep connection and harmony via our innovative practices.

Our emphasis includes enabling individuals to the realization of how unique, exquisite, and altogether lovely they are. Our Company aims to neutralize the dictatorship of beauty falsely represented, narrated, and defined by the media, to reveal the beauty in a holistic and fair representation that eliminates the shallow surface beauty. 

We aim to reveal a beauty that reaches deeper into your spirit and heals your soul to manifest wholeness. Our skin tones are an indication of which colors will work well with each individual, we teach you the increments of working with your natural foundation and how to experiment with complementary colors as you see fit.

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