Kingdom Business Enterprises


Our vision: To improve people’s lives in society through businesses that influence. We are an enterprise who are currently developing a number of businesses for the purpose of building stronger communities. Using good moral and ethical practices.


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We provide Godly council in preparation for knowing God’s will for your life which we believe is the key to your prosperity.

We believe your prosperity is directly related to your purpose in life, we were born to fulfil God’s purpose, and when we capture this and are doing this, then we will see all our provisions are automatically built into it.

Our passion lies within the remit of making our cities including London become more prosperous with a strong and diverse economic growth.

What is God saying in our business today?


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We provide training, to encourage, build and equip people from all walks of life, providing a platform for you to develop business skills. We run workshops and courses, together with startup advice programs periodically for people wanting to start businesses. We also provide counselling and mentorship for the development of existing businesses and initiate tips on how to survive during this unstable economy.

We co-partner and work in partnership with God for you, on your behalf for you and your business then teach you how to for yourself.

1 We are God’s fellow workers, or workers together with Him Corinthians 6:1 KJV.